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  • 3dkiwi
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    RSS Feed Show First Paragraph Only? Link to this post


    I am implementing the RSS Feed as per the tutorial stage II but with some of my own modifications. eg. changing the DataObject::get to get the last 20 edited pages of a particular page type: DataObject::get("TipPage", "", "LastEdited DESC", "", "20"); This is working well.

    However I would like to only show the first paragraph of each of the returned page in the RSS. I know there is a function on the $Content within the Newsletter stuff which I have used for that part of the website but do not see any similar function for the RSS Feed.

    Any hints, please...


  • socks
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    Re: RSS Feed Show First Paragraph Only? Link to this post

    I need to do this as well. Currently my RSS feed is showing the entire article (Content), and I haven't been able to figure out how to truncate it in the feed.

    This is how I'm generating the feed...

    // RSS
          function init() {
             RSSFeed::linkToFeed($this->Link() . "rss");

          function rss() {
             $rss = new RSSFeed($this->LatestUpdates(), $this->Link(), "A Word From Steve", "", "Title", "Content");

          function LatestUpdates() {
             // 5 is the number of items listed
             return DataObject::get("StevesArticlesPage", "", "Created Desc", "", 5);

    Any suggestions?


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