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  • contigo
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    tinymce config Link to this post

    Which file(s) do I need to edit to change tinymce controls? I've configured tinymce controls in another cms, but simlar edits in SS don't seem to work (version 2.2.2-rc2).



  • sarahk
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    Re: tinymce config Link to this post

    hmmm, just what I need to know too

  • Re: tinymce config Link to this post

    The code for all the TinyMCE buttons is located in /sapphire/forms/HtmlEditorField.php, in the HtmlEditorField_Toolbar class. Check out the buttons function. In order to edit the HTML Editor, but so your changes don't get lost on an update, copy the HtmlEditorField_Toolbar class to another file in your mysite/code directory e.g. AlternateToolbar.php. Also, rename the class name to AlternateToolbar. Once this is done, you can tell SilverStripe to use your custom class to use this instead of the default toolbar by placing

    Object::useCustomClass('HtmlEditorField_Toolbar', 'AlternateToolbar');

    Then any changes you make to the AlternateToolbar class will hopefully appear in the CMS. To edit/add/remove buttons, just edit the Buttons() function. The alternative is to wait until the next release, as I think the toolbar is being updated to be easily configurable.

  • KingBerT
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    Re: tinymce config Link to this post

    I've followed your instructions, but I don't get it work!

    Where do I have to put this line?!

    "Object::useCustomClass('HtmlEditorField_Toolbar', 'AlternateToolbar');

    I've put it into


  • Re: tinymce config Link to this post

    Sorry, i'm afraid i made a mistake with my instructions. Currently the CMS interface doesnt use the factory method to create the toolbar, so the class will not get overridden. However, if you open up cms/code/LeftAndMain.php, and locate the EditorToolbar function, and replace it with

    return Object::create('HtmlEditorField_Toolbar', $this, 'EditorToolbar');

    then your custom class will get used properly. For your custom class, id suggest creating a class that extends HtmlEditorField_Toolbar in your mysite/code directory, and then putting the useCustomClass call in mysite/_config.php - and then override the Buttons function in your custom class.

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