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    HELP! Showing other page details on home page Link to this post

    This may sound complicated but it's not. I just can't find the command to make it work!

    I am working on a gallery site and want to have (for every artist) the artists name and a primary image show up on the homepage.

    My current structure is:

    * Home
    * Artists name page (a redirect page)
    ** Artwork one
    ** artwork 2
    ** artwork 3

    So I have taken 'home' out of the menu and have Menu(1) control thing on the homepage.ss file which shows the title of every artists page as it should. BUT it wont show up the pictures.

    What I need is either:

    * a way to get a redirector page to have an image tab so I can upload an image there
    * A way to pull an image from the second level menu for every artist, ie.

    <control Menu(1)> $Title<end_control>
    <control one Child of each menu 1 page><img></><end_control>

    HELP! I think it should be pretty straightforward to change the re-direct page to add that but have no idea how or if I should set it up in another way,.

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