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  • zyko
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    Save hangs on DataObject Link to this post

    And another thing which is confusing me.

    In my from DataObject derived Class which is edited via PopUp,
    a getCMSFields_forPopup
    is opened.

    if i click the save Button the Save Button gets' 'a busy state, but things never end.
    i've tryed a lot of things to find out what's going on
    DeveloperMode, Debug on, Debug_controller on, etc. which helped me in many other cases to find solutions. but here i'm totally 'out of control'.
    there's nothing special within this class, no user function...

    things get complicated becouse i dont see debug messages within this popup...
    would be happy for any hint, how to deal this...


  • zyko
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: Save hangs on DataObject Link to this post

    i did a try with this thing in 2.2rc3.
    but the problem still remains.

    Doing a lot of code-searching and hacking i found that the save-button
    call's admin/?executeForm=EditForm.ReferencedField.DetailForm&fieldName=MyListName
    It was difficult for me, as a rookie, to find the corresponding 'function' part in Silverstripe.
    turned out that soemhow there the follwong function is called:

    function saveComplexTableField() {

    if i do a die at the start of this function the save-button
    end's his 'active state', but of course nothing is saved.
    problem is doing Debug::message
    doesn't show me anything (becouse here we are in a popup window, i think)
    this makes things hared to find out.
    maybe there's some possibility to do a trace (log) within silverstripe?

    and maybe this can help someone else who has the same problem ;-)
    i'll keep you informed...

    Found the documentation for having logging / tracing in files: COOL
    i added
    ini_set("log_errors", "On");
    ini_set("error_log", "php_error.html");
    to my _config.php
    and used fe..
    error_log('BEFORE childObject-write');
    within code
    but there's no file php_error.html in the saphire directory (neither in cms..)
    would be cool to get any hint...

    makes the troubles,
    a die before the command, and buttons stops working
    only a die after, and the button hangs...

  • zyko
    Community Member
    66 Posts

    Re: Save hangs on DataObject Link to this post

    using FireFox Plugin 'FireDebug' enabled me to show
    ss Debug-Messages in the console.
    <b>Fatal error</b>: Class 'VarChar' not found in <b>/www/xxxx/sapphire/core/Object
    .php</b> on line <b>92</b><br />

    one Minute Later, changing my VarChar to Varchar within DataObject
    solved a lot of troubles for me...

    so, now i'll take a COLD BOTTLE OF BEER


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