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  • dashiel
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    mootools/getElementByTagName Link to this post

    i had a static site that i'm porting to silverstripe that made heavy use of the mootools framework. for some reason something in silverstripe seems to be conflicting with the $$ function in mootools.

    i have a completely clean silverstripe template (e.g. i've done nothing, but replace my standard php include directives with the silverstripe method for including files). there is as far as i can tell no javascript what-so-ever being added to the rendered page.

    i copy/pasted the rendered html in to a static page in the silverstripe architecture and everything worked fine (once i removed the xml heading at the top).

    any thoughts/work arounds?

    --- edit

    as usual i hit upon an "aha" moment minutes after posting this. it seems removing the xml declaration, not the doctype, from the top of the document "fixes" mootools. will this have any adverse affect on sliverstripe?

  • Blackdog
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    Re: mootools/getElementByTagName Link to this post

    perhaps it is the prototype js framework which is used throuhgout SS.

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