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  • HackDefendr
    Community Member
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    Moving / Relocating sites... Link to this post

    I was just curious of how difficult it would be to move my silverstripe site onto a different server and change the folder name.

    I don't suppose there is something built in that can handle this.


  • 3dkiwi
    Community Member
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    Re: Moving / Relocating sites... Link to this post

    From my limited play with this. There is no tool to do this but the process is not too hard:

    Take the complete SilverStripe directory structure and place it in the new location.

    This includes the cms, sapphire, tutorial, themes... dirs

    For the renaming step I am guessing is you require to rename tutorial to another name. If so rename the directory to whatever you require and then move into this directory and edit the _config.php file.

    The line:

    $project = 'tutorial';

    Needs to be changed to match the new directory name.

    I am pretty sure that is all that is required.

    Anyone else want to add any more steps if required...


  • pIscIs
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    Re: Moving / Relocating sites... Link to this post

    if you moving SS to another server, you must move your database too! with phpMyAdmin import/export you can do it easily. plus, you must change your .config.php db params to new(sql db user name, pass, database name).
    also you must reset all permissions of assets folder.

  • Bruce B
    Community Member
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    Re: Moving / Relocating sites... Link to this post

    One last step - all your templates are likely to reference the tutorial folder for css and images. You will need to change all those references.


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