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  • pouderStream
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    Re: Is there a news module? Link to this post

    Ok, that for exclusive functionality was quick thought...and about code architecture you are probably write too.U can better judge, u are developing that

    My thought came from chat with friend of mine who works for Unicef here in Slovenia. Since she is web admin I asked here to took a look and comment her feeling on SS CMS. The notice was, that she would rather have 2 separated modules for different things (blog and news in our example). Rather than 2 different page types to choose from when creating new page.
    Witch leads us to Ingos hack in Typo3 I think. I hope you know what I want to say

    Or maybe you already thought doing something like that ;)

  • Sam
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    Re: Is there a news module? Link to this post

    I think you're right about having 2 different modules when it is two kinds of functionality.

    I think that the issue here is that a news feed and a blog are, technically speaking, almost identical. Sure, a blogs tend to have more sophisticated features such as commenting, tags, RSS and email subscription, but most of these things *could* apply to a news feed.

    It seems like it's better to have a single module, with options for advanced features such as subscription, tagging, and commenting.

  • Willr
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    Re: Is there a news module? Link to this post

    I agree with sam, ingo that the code will overlap and we don't really need to have two separate modules doing the same work. But maybe the word 'blogging' doesn't sit right with professional sites that use it for news, sites that are too cool to do 'blogging'

    Also how bout a flickr integration pagetype/function for the blogging module? ever blog you visit has a damn 'My Flickr' area nowadays

  • Sean
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: Is there a news module? Link to this post

    I think separating the modules based on different naming of the page types is definitely not the answer here - considering the bahaviour of the two are almost identical, apart from some extra features for the blogs.

    Maintenance on two modules would be a pain; if someone realised some overlapping code in another module wasn't the same, or a template had a glitch that wasn't first noticed, both would require updating.

    Maybe one idea is we also include ArticleHolder, ArticlePage which share the same code inside the module - but slightly crippled compared to the BlogHolder, BlogEntry page types. At least in this way the end user won't be confused, and they'll know they're creating a news article - not a blog entry.

    Will: Summer of code possibility for flickr integration. ;-)

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