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  • Mayuri
    Community Member
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    Lost password/ Logout doesn't work Link to this post

    Hi all,

    I have Login form on my website for authorised customers but the link of I've forgoten password is not working. When i click on the button it gives msg that 'Thank you! The password reset link has been sent to 'mayuri_4469@yahoo.co.in'. but actually it doesn't send link to the login person.

    Do anyone have idea why it's not working? How can i get fix this problem?

    I also don't know how to point logout function on the page. Once i login to the page it can't point to logut. for log in form i have created a login page type.


    class Login extends Page {
    static $db = array(
    static $has_one = array(

    class Login_Controller extends Page_Controller {




    <div id="Content" class="typography">

    and linked it to my page.ss file like;
    <div id="Login">
       <a href="login" title="Go to the &quot;Login&quot; page">Login</a>

    Can you suggest me how can i use logout function? What i m missing?
    Need help plzzzzzzzzz.........


  • zyko
    Community Member
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    Re: Lost password/ Logout doesn't work Link to this post

    maybe email sending doesn't work at all in your wamp installation?

    try Debug:.Message() around the relevant code in
    saphhire\MemberLoginForm.php function forgotPassword
    also interesting:

    best inspiration for invividual login etc.. is forum module /code/ForumMemberProfile.php

    i think logout needs to be linked as: /Security/logout
    as login is /Security/login


  • Mayuri
    Community Member
    19 Posts

    Re: Lost password/ Logout doesn't work Link to this post

    Thanks Zyko

    I had got my problem solved using if conditon;
       <% if CurrentMember %>
          <a href="Security/logout">Logout</a>
       <% else %>
          <a href="Security/login" title="Go to the &quot;Login&quot; page">Login</a>
       <% end_if %>

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