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  • blaater
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    Problem with images Link to this post


    I've got a problem with some images in SS. I have a class 'oProfileMdl' which first extended from DataObject, but now from Member because I needed the fields from this class in the CMS. Now the images don't show up on the website. At first it worked fine. The code I'm using in the template is:

    <% control Foto %>
    <% control CroppedImage(103,105) %>
    <img src="$URL" alt="Bekijk het profiel van '$FirstName $Surname'" title="Bekijk het profiel van '$FirstName $Surname'" width="103px" height"105px" />
    <% end_control %>
    <% end_control %>

    I just pass it a DataObject like I normally do, also when I put the $FotoID in the link it is visible.

    Also I've created a form which edits the profile, when when i put the following code in it SS gives a error: Method 'Foto' not found in class 'Member'

    new SimpleImageField('Foto','Uw pasfoto:'),

    In the oProfileMdl there is a static $has_one

    static $has_one = array(
          'Foto' => 'Image'

    Does anybody know a solution?


  • spenniec
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    Re: Problem with images Link to this post

    You would refer to Foto in the template as $Foto unless you had a method in the class file which was called Foto, which you don't hence the error: Method 'Foto' not found in class 'Member'.

    Why does oProfileMdl extend Member?

  • Willr
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    Re: Problem with images Link to this post

    If you are using member you might want to make sure you added the extension to it in your _config file -

    DataObject::add_extension('Member', 'MyCustomMember');

    See the forum module for how it extends the member class

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