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  • Dig
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    Forum Search Link to this post

    I'm not sure which forum this should go in.

    I've seen that this has come up already but the thread seem to die with no progress, the following would REALLY help me (and others!) search these forums for information:

    1. AND search instead of OR search, if you need to search for something that requires more than one keyword its impossible to get sensible results.

    2. Order by date (or choose order). Lots changes between releases and as modules are updated etc this is a good thing, but means that some older advice doesn't apply anymore.

    3. Show replies different from the original post, 25 results might all be from the same post and its not 100% clear (except for the heading of course).


    Edit: Line breaks aren't shown the same in the input as they are in the post!

  • zyko
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    Re: Forum Search Link to this post


  • Willr
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    Re: Forum Search Link to this post

    The forum module does require a bit of work as its not currently being developed/ no new developments planned. Theres a few little bugs Ive fixed while integrating a forum for a client that will get merged back into trunk and that will maybe be a new point release but nothing major.

    If anyone has time to work on adding various things and fixes like with the search results suggestion we are always keen see user contributed in the form of patchs, updates, fixes whatever!!

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