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  • corkg
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    Include PHP command in .ss Link to this post

    How can you add a PHP Query in the Page.ss File?
    if($HeaderImage == NULL){$HeaderImage=="imsa_files/construct/header.png"; }else{ $HeaderImage=="$HeaderImage";}

    Where $HeaderImage is a Variable saved into the database.

  • sammahoney
    Community Member
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    Re: Include PHP command in .ss Link to this post

    I've been asking the same thing but no joy so far. I want to add a PHP include to a .ss file, but I get an error everytime.

    Anyone any ideas no?

  • zyko
    Community Member
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    Re: Include PHP command in .ss Link to this post


    if 'Variable saved into the database' means a page db_column:
    i know it's not absolutely the thing you want,
    i do these things by implementing a function on the page (or DataObject)
    which has this logic inside.
    than use the function in the template


    public function RealHeaderImage() {
    if (!$this->HeaderImage) {
    return "imsa_files/construct/header.png";
    return $this->HeaderImage;

    then in ss use


    not sure whether soemeone has to use brackets, or not...


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