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    <pre> tags - Editor Strips out All Linebreaks...? Link to this post

    When creating a page, SilverStripe will remove all linebreaks from the content. (I'm not talking about <br> tags, but if I put in a couple linebreaks, they're not there.)

    This ordinarily wouldn't matter, as HTML doesn't pay them much notice.

    BUT, I was trying to paste some text and use <pre> tags... Where the linebreaks do matter. When I put the text in and selected the Preformatted styling option, each line got put in its own pre tags, which looks horrible and isn't what I wanted to do. If I use the Edit HTML option, SilverStripe will strip out all of the linebreaks I put in.

    I am running the latest SilverStripe (downloaded earlier today) on CentOS 5.1, using Firefox 3.

    While I understand the reasoning behind what's going on, the way it works out in practice is less than intuitive, as it seems to be basically impossible to use preformatted text. I'm coming from WordPress, which has always handled this more 'intuitively.'

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