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  • sammahoney
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    New to SilverStripe? Link to this post

    I've just installed and set up my first site in SilverStripe. I figured that I might as well post up the basic steps I did to convert the Blackcandy template (that comes with the install) into my own site, so others that are new to SilverStripe might get a heads up on it...I know that there's much more to SilverStripe, but for newcomers it helps to keep things simple...


    The files for the layout etc are all in /themes/blackcandy/ so download that whole folder.

    There's one template for the layout of the pages - it's /themes/blackcandy/templates/page.ss

    SilverStripe uses it's own filetype - .ss file - but it's basically a HTML file with some extra tags to grab the content. You can drag and drop it into your favourite editor if it won't open by double-clicking.

    The CSS files are in /themes/blackcandy/css/ - the main one you want to see is layout.css.

    The menu is kept in a separate file - /themes/blackcandy/templates/includes/Navigation.ss - and the page.ss file grabs this - see where it says:

    <div id="menu_container">
    <% include Navigation %>
    <!-- end #menu_container --></div>

    It grabs the content the same way - the $Layout:

    <div id="Layout">

    It seems a bit confusing at first, but basically you just need to make a layout once and then that's it. So just make a single page the way you normally would (using HTML + CSS), then copy and paste the different parts from that to the Blackcandy template and it should work. Don't forget to upload the images you used to /themes/blackcandy/images/ and make sure you reference them from layout.css as follows:


    Good Luck!

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