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  • woodb2
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    Integrate SS with PHPBB - found different solution Link to this post

    I'm very new to SS, but loving it so far. I already had PHPBB running on my server so I wanted to integrate it with SS instead of the built in forum (mainly for LDAP automatically creating new user accounts). There seemed to be people successfully doing this based on search results I was seeing, but I'm not a programmer and wasn't able to get it to work.

    I was able to (kind of) get it by using a Virtual Page, but you lose the navigation at the top so it doesn't behave like it's really integrated into my SS site. Once you're in the forum there wasn't a way to get back to the SS site unless I built a navigation header at the top of my PHPBB site that matched my SS site. (I was just about to do this out of desperation).

    Then I searched the SS Forums for embed (I was searching on "Integrate" and "phpbb" before) and came upon this post:'


    In the thread user haygoodg created a module called iFrame (not on SS module list). This was exactly what I was needing. There appears to be a very minor bug when you enter the size of the remote window. The default is (I think) 600px by 800px. You need to leave the px off or the window will be tiny.

    Is there a way this module can be added to the official ss module page? This could be very handy to add so many other external pages to one's ss website and make them seem like their integrated with it. Or give Virtual Page the option to open in a frame.

    Thanks for the great CMS!! (I was using CMS Made Simple before, but SS is so much better)

  • matbtt
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    Re: Integrate SS with PHPBB - found different solution Link to this post

    Hi woodb2,

    argh, iFrames are evil!

    I suggested a DecoratorPage in another thread [1]. The DecoratorPage would decorate the ouput of the forum with layout of SS.

    Best regards, matbtt

    [1] http://www.silverstripe.com/extending-hacking-silverstripe-forum/show/108342

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