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  • Josh
    SilverStripe Developer
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    Form Errors - Trying to get property of a non-object Link to this post


    The below code throws two errors which I am having trouble with. The first is in the GetEntrant function. If I have the $data and $form variable defined in the circle brackets - I get an error saying "FATAL ERROR: Missing argument 2 for DrawPrizePage_Controller::GetEntrant()" for both the $data and $form variable.

    The second and more important "problem" I have is getting the value from a database object. I am trying to get the MemberDataID value into a variable, from the Competitions table. It is commented in the code below.

    class DrawPrizePage_Controller extends Page_Controller {
       function Form() {
          return new Form($this, "Form",
                new FieldSet(
                   new TextField("CompID", "Competition Page ID")
                new FieldSet(
                   new FormAction("GetEntrant", "Draw Winners!")
       function GetEntrant($data, $form) {
          $CompID = $this->data['CompID'];
          $GetEntry = DataObject::get_one("Competition", "CompetitionPageID='{$CompID}'");      
          $WinnersDetails = DataObject::get_one("Member", "ID='{$GetEntry->MemberDataID}'"); // How do I get the value for the MemberDataID column which is called in $GetEntry above?
          return $WinnersDetails;

  • Sam
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    Re: Form Errors - Trying to get property of a non-object Link to this post

    Hi subvert,

    If your Competition object has a has_one relationship like this:

    static $has_one = array(
    "MemberData" => "Member",

    Then you should be able to access the related member's ID by using $GetEntry->MemberDataID, as you have.

    Can you post some more information about what errors you are getting - I assume that the code you've posted doesn't work as-is?

    PS: $CompID has a SQL-injection vulnerabililty, since $data["CompID"] is set by the browser. Use Convert::raw2sql().

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