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  • Fella
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    SilverStripe for browser games with Flash interface? Link to this post

    I am looking to make a site centered around a web game with a flash interface, I would like the different aspects and levels to have their own pages with Flash embedded in them.

    Initially the site would be more like a regular Flash game arcade, but I want to work towards building in more community functionality. So I'm looking for a CMS that will allow me to set up a basic site easily, then extend it as I learn. I have little to no experience with web programming, my only real experience with programming has been teaching myself ActionScript 3 for Flash.

    Features would include:

    * Users would be able to create maps in a flash map editor, they would appear in their profile, maps could then be grouped together into a series.
    * Ratings, comments and highscores for maps
    * Searchable maps, perhaps tagging and reserved tags would be useful
    * Users can create a custom character that will be tied to their account
    * Users can earn achievement badges, perhaps a user score

    Possible future features...
    * Users can buy points with cash
    * Shop to spend those points
    * Monthly league system based on user scores
    * Maybe tournament features
    * Shared accounts across multple games, whether it would be best to have them on seperate sites/domains or within the same one
    * Profile details on user progress and creations

    Would SilverStripe suit this task? Is it something I could pick up in a reasonable time frame if I really put my mind to it?
    The other options I am looking at is MODx, which seems like it might be too complicated for me, and Drupal.

    Thank you

  • Willr
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    Re: SilverStripe for browser games with Flash interface? Link to this post

    SilverStripe can handle Flash Integration quite well, its not a simple little task - PHP knowledge would be needed. Basically you just need to have custom methods and templates which output xml formatted code then in your flash just load the xml methods.

    See http://thelowdown.co.nz/#/home/ for a site fully flash interface and SS powered content including I believe the forum?!? also a more simple one is- http://www.californiawomen.org/video-gallery/ for an example of the flash content being loaded totally via xml files.

    I dont think anyones documented this on the public wiki but if you have any questions feel free to ask

  • robinp
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    Re: SilverStripe for browser games with Flash interface? Link to this post

    Hi Fella,

    I'm about to get started on a similar project that is a bit simpler than want you want. I'm really just need users to able to save and load xml from flash.

    I'm interested to know what your solution has been ?



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