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  • denki
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    Problem trying to show ArticlePages in HomePage Link to this post

    Hi, I'm new to silverstripe. I need to finish a small setup for tomorrow and I'm having problems showing the ArticlePages in the homepage . I'm following the article :
    exactly like it's there.
    I checked and the site is reading my HomePage.php from code HomePage.ss and the and Article related pages (I can create them and see them in the Article (News) section).
    I also tried just echoing a value from the HomePage.php but still blank.
    The code follows:

    <% control LatestNews %>
        <li class="newsDateTitle"><a href="$Link" title="Read more on &quot;{$Title}&quot;">$Title</a></li>
        <li class="newsDateTitle">$Date.Nice</li>
        <li class="newsSummary">$Content.FirstParagraph<a href="$Link" title="Read more on &quot;{$Title}&quot;">Read more &gt;&gt;</a></li>
        <% end_control %>

    class HomePage_Controller extends Page_Controller {

    function LatestNews($num=2) {
    $news = DataObject::get_one("ArticleHolder");
    return ($news) ? DataObject::get("ArticlePage", "ParentID = $news->ID", "Date DESC", "", $num) : false;

  • Willr
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    Re: Problem trying to show ArticlePages in HomePage Link to this post

    does the php error log contain anything useful?

    Otherwise I would just strip the PHP down to see what its failing by removing things like the ParentID= bit then the sort or try just a return DataObject::get("ArticlePage");

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