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  • Garrett
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    Pass Variables in a Query String? Link to this post

    Pass Variables in a Query String?


    What is the best way to pass variables from page to page (template to template) in Silverstripe?

    I'm on a page which lists clients, and I want to click on the client and pass that client's name to a page whose controller takes the name and get all the projects for that particular client from the database.

    The link is "projects-by-client?Client=Client1". In my ProjectsByClient controller, I have the following function:

    function ProjectsByClient($Client) {
    $whereStatement = "ProjectClient = '".$Client."'";
    return DataObject::get("ProjectPage", $whereStatement);

    Thwe query works fine if you hard-code a client name. But my controller is saying "missing argument" when I try to pass it in dynamically. How can I pass the client name to the controller?? Seems like this should be easy.

    Thanks in advance,

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