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  • SilverRay
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    Weird behavior with ManyManyComplexTableField and checkboxes Link to this post

    I have some really strange behavior with using checkboxes for a manymany relation. I have a dataobject with a bunch of text fields. I have it set up in a manymany array. The list of entries appears in the CMS-side of things, like it should. In the database, there's proper tables for the dataobject, and the classes it is a manymany part of so to speak. Normally, when I check a checkbox in the list that is generated by a ManyManyComplexTableField in the CMS, the choice sticks, it saves an entry in the manymany table in the database, and the control block in my .ss template renders the page fine. But sometimes, when I click or unclick (multiple) checkboxes, the choices made don't stick, and in some cases checking a checkbox *deletes* an entry from the manymany join, in other words, reverse behavior! This is with Silverstripe 2.2.2.

    Has anybody seen this behavior? If you need code, I'm happy to show you!

    Thanks in advance,
    - SilverRay.

    edit: spelling.

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