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  • stingray9191
    Community Member
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    Content editor problems. Link to this post

    I have been working on this since 7 this morning and I am about to give up on silver stripe even though I really like the system.

    Anyway on to my problem/s and I am going to start from the top.

    Step 1 Installation:

    I got it to install by setting the mysite, assets, tutorial and .htaccess to 777 after installation I changed everything back to 755 except assets...and that seemed to work fine image uploading worked, I could create pages insert images and edit content great I was happy.

    Step 2. 1 hour later still adding content

    the content editor in the backend completely stopped working I press enter and it expands the box out huge and doesnt let me type or if I add an image it stretches it way out...its driving me crazy and it happened twice on the first install and again the second time I reinstalled it.

    Processor Name   Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
    Total Memory   524456 kB
    Free Memory   22352 kB
    Total Swap Memory   1081336 kB
    Free Swap Memory   1081336 kB
    System Uptime   1 Days, 4 Hours and 51 Minutes
    Apache 2.2.9   Running
    DirectAdmin 1.32.2    Running
    Exim 4.67   Running
    MySQL 5.0.37   Running
    Named 9.3.3rc2    Running
    ProFTPd 1.3.1    Running
    sshd    Running
    dovecot 1.1.2    Running

    btw I have tried several other CMS's on this server including joomla and it works great

  • Liam
    Community Member
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    Re: Content editor problems. Link to this post

    What browser/OS are you using?

    I know there is a bug that creeps up the odd time - http://open.silverstripe.com/ticket/1909

    It doesn't happen a lot, but a few do get stung with it.

  • grilldan
    Community Member
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    Re: Content editor problems. Link to this post

    What version of SS are you using?

  • stingray9191
    Community Member
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    Re: Content editor problems. Link to this post

    Firefox 3 and IE7

    Well I got it to work but I am still having an issue
    by changing the owner of the assets folder and everything in it to apache it now works but that gives me a problem I cant ftp to that folder and put pictures in it because the owner has changed.

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