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  • Anatol
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    adding a tag dropdown field to the blog module Link to this post


    if anyone is interested in this: I didn't always want to check in the frontend if an existing tag might suit to a new blog entry, so I added a dropdown field to my blog module that gives me a list of all existing tags. The dropdown field then adds the selected tag to the comma separated tag list. It's quite straightforward:

    In /blog/code/BlogEntry.php add this to the BlogEntry::getCMSFields() method before the "Tags" textfield definition:

    $fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Content.Main", new DropdownField("ExistingTags", "Add existing tag/s",$this->TagsCollectionArray()), "Content");

    (This field uses Javascript only and does not require a database field.)

    Add the following function to the BlogEntry class to create an array with all existing tags except the ones that are already used for the blog entry:

    function TagsCollectionArray() {

          // get the tags from all blog entries from the database
          $tags = DB::query("SELECT Tags FROM BlogEntry WHERE Tags != '';");

          // create a string with all tags (comma separated)   
          foreach($tags as $tag){
             $tagString .= $comma.$tag['Tags'];
             $comma = ',';

          // creat an array from the comma separated string
          $allTags = explode(',',$tagString);
          // make sure there is no whitespace before or after the tag
          foreach($allTags as &$tag) {
             $tag = trim($tag);

          // remove duplicates
          $allTags = array_unique($allTags);
          // get the tags from the selected blog entry
          $itemTags = split(" *, *", trim($this->Tags));

          // remove tags from the array that are already assigned to the blog entry
          $allTags = array_diff($allTags, $itemTags);
          // order the array alphabetically

          // add a 'select a tag' text as the first option
          array_unshift($allTags, 'select a tag');

          return $allTags;

    Now all that's left is to add some javascript. Still in /blog/code/BlogEntry.php add this line to the BlogEntry::getCMSFields() method to load an external Javascript file:


    Create the new file /blog/javascript/eventbehaviours.js:

    // register an onchange behaviour
       '#Form_EditForm_ExistingTags': {
          onchange: function() {
             Tags = document.getElementById("Form_EditForm_Tags");
             var comma = '';

             // the first option in the dropdown list is the text 'select a tag', so ignore this option
             if (this.selectedIndex > 0) {

                // add the selected tag, separated with a comma (if necessary)
                if (Tags.value != '') {
                   comma = ', ';
                Tags.value += comma + this.options[this.selectedIndex].innerHTML;
                // after the tag has been added to the blog entry remove it from the dropdown list
                this.options[this.selectedIndex] = null;
          initialize: function() {

    That's it. Now just reload the CMS backend.


  • Willr
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    Re: adding a tag dropdown field to the blog module Link to this post

    Might want to add this as a recipe on the wiki to make it easy to find


  • Anatol
    126 Posts

    Re: adding a tag dropdown field to the blog module Link to this post

    Will do some time next week.


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