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  • UncleCheese
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    Onchange event in CMS Link to this post

    I'm trying to unobtrusively attach an onchange event to a select box on my CMS page. I've figured out that i can add custom script to a specific module using the augmentInit() function off the DataObjectDecorator.

    What's confusing to me is that the window.onload() event seems to fire when the silverstripe logo comes up, which is before my select box is loaded into the DOM.

    Anyone know how this is usually done?

  • ajshort
    Community Member
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    Re: Onchange event in CMS Link to this post

    Hi UncleCheese,

    something like this is normally used:

       'select.domSelector' : {
          initialize: function () {
             // etc
          onclick: function() {

    Not only will this get applied on page startup, but itll also be reapplied whenever a page is loaded using AJAX.

  • UncleCheese
    4085 Posts

    Re: Onchange event in CMS Link to this post

    Perfect! What a great solution. So glad I posted here. I was sure no one would have an answer!

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