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  • UncleCheese
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    Function from URL Link to this post

    When I call my function like so: www.mysite.com/my-page/myfunction

    it works fine..

    but when i do


    I get a blank white screen, even in dev mode. No errors sent to my email.

    I've gone as far as to make "myfunction()" in my controller just return $this->renderWith(array('Page','Page')); and changed the Page.ss to just HELLO, and I still get a blank screen.

    Tried changing the name of the function, too.

    Anyone ever encountered this? What a headache!

  • UncleCheese
    4085 Posts

    Re: Function from URL Link to this post

    Never mind, as I suspected, I'm an idiot. I had overloaded the Link() function in one of my objects. The Menu control must not have liked it. Still strange that I got nothing but white, though.

    And when I did showtemplate=1, it would only render to line 205.. no matter what I did to the template, it was always getting cut at line 205.

    Anyway.. glad it's over! Can I have my morning back, please?

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