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  • Double-A-Ron
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    CalendarDateField in Popup - CSS Bug? Link to this post

    Hi all. Searched and searched and was surprised no one had come across this, but just checking if anyone has yet:

    I have a CMS_Popup for adding dates to a page. This popup consists of one ComboBox and two CalendarDateField.

    It seems that CalendarDateFields (or more specifically, the popup calendar) don't play well with the middleColumn span that SS uses as a container wrapping the fields in IE. If you look at the Screenshot, you can see a comparison between IE7 and FF 3.0. The top row of the date selecter is under the MiddleColumn in IE7, making those dates completely un-selectable.

    Has anyone else seen this yet? There is nothing in the bug tracker.


  • Willr
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    Re: CalendarDateField in Popup - CSS Bug? Link to this post

    Def a CSS bug. You might like to submit it as such on open.silverstripe.com. It looks like something todo with overflow: hidden with firefox. and something to do with z-index or absolute positioning IE.

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