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  • nbc
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    Can't see gallery pictures... Link to this post

    New user - probably a dumb question here... I've managed to install SilverStripe and the gallery module. I was able to upload a couple of images and insert them into a page - so that part of the system is definitely working. I just created a 'gallery' page for the first time. I uploaded a set of photos into a folder and told the page to display images from that folder. So far, so good. But the gallery itself is a child of a page named 'Photos' - I can see that page,
    but I don't see anything in the navigation that will actually get me to the gallery itself.
    Did I miss something obvious? In the site editor, the gallery pages shows up under the Photos page, but when I try to visit the site I can't find it...

    For the record, I'm running Apache on a Fedora 9 system.

    And a second question, while I have your attention I'm building this site on a test machine. Is it going to be easy to 'export' the complete site and install it on my actual web server machine (which is Fedora 7 at the moment). Or do I need to manually rebuild everything on
    the production site. If this is documented somewhere, a pointer to that would be sufficient for now - I confess that I have not looked too hard for it yet - I'm still trying to see if I can make it all work well enough to use on the official site... Looks good so far..

    Thanks in advance,


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