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  • grilldan
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    Latest forum topics Link to this post

    What I am trying to do is to get the last 5 forum topics, and the first 80characters of their topic text.

          <% if InSection(home) %>
           <div id="last_topics">
             <!-- get last topics-->
       <% if LatestPosts %>
                <% control LatestPosts(5) %>
                      <h2>Latest Questions</h2>
                <% end_control %>
             <% else %>
                <h2>No Latest Questions</h2>
                <h3>No Title</h3>
                <p>No content</p>
             <% end_if %>
          <% end_if %>

    I'm guessing something like that, but that code doesn't work.


    I got it working, now I'm trying to take out the bbcode, or parse it.

    I was working with this code to try to get it to parse.

          $this->content = DataObject::get('Post', '', 'Created DESC', '', (int)$limit);
          $this->content = (string)$this->content;
          $parser = new SSHTMLBBCodeParser();
          echo $parser->getParsed();

    Found what I needed here. Parse the code in the .ss file

  • Nivanka
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    Re: Latest forum topics Link to this post

    This is not difficult,
    Just see the codes of the Latest Forum Post Widget

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