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  • grilldan
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    Forum member rating system Link to this post

    What I am trying to do, is to implement a user rating system into the forum module. By user rating system, I mean:
    1) For each new post, users can rate that post (only once, or change their vote).
    2) Then I want to be able to have a page displaying the top 10 users with the highest ratings. (That wouldn't be hard to do, just get the user ratings, order DESC and set the limit to 10.)

    In the attachment, you can see two ideas I had for how the rating system would look.

    I am looking for someone, or a group of people, to help me code this.

    If you would be interested in helping, please let me know.

  • grilldan
    Community Member
    135 Posts

    Re: Forum member rating system Link to this post

    An update on this project:

    1) Implemented the "Thumbs" into the design of the forum.
    2) Added RatingGood & RatingBad fields to Database.


    1) Allow users to rate forum posts by clicking the "Thumb up", "Thumb down" images at the top of the forum posts.
    2) Limit the number of times a user can rate a post to one time (or they can change their vote).

    If you would like to join the project, let me know. I could use the help

    I changed the database schema around, now there is a much better flow.

    The last thing that I need to do is to code the script for users to "rate" posts.

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