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    I just set up an Article Section (holder and page) as decribed in tutorial 2. In addition I now want to display "no comments", "1 comment" or "x comments" - depending on the number of comments.

    On the individual page of an article I managed to do so via this setup:


    <% if Comments.Count %>
    comment<% if hasManyComments %>s<% end_if %>
    <% else %>
    no comments
    <% end_if %>


    class ArticlePage_Controller extends Page_Controller {
    function hasManyComments() {
    $comments = $this->Comments();
    $ccounter = $comments->Count();
    if ($ccounter>1) return true; else return false;

    On the page this does a good job but it doesn't seem to work inside the <% control Children %> loop of the article holder. The "if Comments.Count" part seems to work but my additional function "hasManyComments" fails. I'm sure that my function needs to look different in that case but I can not find out how...

    I'd be happy if someone could lead me to the right direction. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I finally solved the problem on my own - no support needed anymore.

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