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  • ojalà
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    problem in adding new heading Link to this post

    I try to create a new heding gor my cms so in file shppire/HtmlEditor.Field.php I add Heading 7 and in cms I see the new heading. Then I modify theme/mytheme/css/layout.css but the modify don't are real and I can't use heading 7

    new HtmlEditorField_dropdown("FormatBlock", "formatSelect", array(
                "<p>" => _t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATP', "Paragraph", PR_MEDIUM, '<p> tag'),
                "<address>" => _t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATADDR', "Address", PR_MEDIUM, '<address> tag'),
                "<pre>" => "Preformatted",_t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATADDR', "Address", PR_MEDIUM, '<address> tag'),
                "<h1>" => _t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATH1', "Heading 1", PR_MEDIUM, '<h1> tag'),
                "<h2>" => _t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATH2', "Heading 2", PR_MEDIUM, '<h2> tag'),
                "<h3>" => _t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATH3', "Heading 3", PR_MEDIUM, '<h3> tag'),
                "<h4>" => _t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATH4', "Heading 4", PR_MEDIUM, '<h4> tag'),
                "<h5>" => _t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATH5', "Heading 5", PR_MEDIUM, '<h5> tag'),
                "<h6>" => _t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATH6', "Heading 6", PR_MEDIUM, '<h6> tag'),
                "<h7>" => _t('HtmlEditorField.FORMATH7', "Heading 7", PR_MEDIUM, '<h7> tag')

  • Hamish
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    Re: problem in adding new heading Link to this post

    <h7> is not a valid html tag. I don't know if this will solve the problem, but you should not use <h7>. Use a class based style instead.

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