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    Language, field, and revisions on custom database tables Link to this post

    Firstly, I would like to say congratulations to the SilverStripe team
    for all their hard work and coming this far.

    Now on to my query...
    I would like to know if the following scenario is possible in SS:

    We need to be able to create a field in the administrative area that
    stores its content in the database's table - The table that would be
    made use of for this analogy will be a custom module's table called
    Facilities. Such data that would be saved here would be facilities
    - Swimming Pool
    - Bar
    - Jacuzzi
    - Jungle Gyms
    - etc

    We will now simply need to have these facilities attached to hotels in
    the Hotel table. The crux of the functionality is when it comes to the
    translation of these facilities that have been inputted. In addition
    each hotel is going to have a rates table attached to it which will
    allow rates to be organized with ease.

    Our questions are as follows:
    1) We want to be able to have the facility's ID consistent when there
    is a language change so that the facility name changes to the
    preferred language (If the ID is consistent we would like to integrate
    the language translation functionality to input the translation like
    in the article functionality). Will innate SS functionality enable
    this to occur? Please could you provide documentation or a link to
    assistant on this.

    2) Since hotels are to have rates attached to them, we would like to
    be able to create a module in the administrative area that will only
    be accessible to certain users such as resellers which would allow
    them to input their own resell price and thus inherit the rates of the
    main "defendant" module as the default rates of which will be

    3) I didn't post this point on the technical newsgroup. So, basically, is there a way to use the document revision functionality in other modules like for hotel descriptions in this scenario. If so, how?


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