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  • phild
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    Installation for Hiawatha web-server Link to this post

    I want to get silverstripe going with the Hiawatha web-server that does support url re-writing via its URL Toolkit feature:

    5.3 URL toolkit
    The most important feature of the URL toolkit is URL rewriting. The easiest way to explain URL rewriting, is to start with an example.

    UrlToolkit {
    ToolkitID = images
    Match ^/pics/ Return
    Match (.*)\.jpeg$ Rewrite $1.jpg

    UrlToolkit {
    ToolkitID = example
    Call images
    Match a Rewrite b 3
    Match /index.php3(.*) Rewrite /index.php$1

    VirtualHost {
    Hostname = www.domain.com
    UseToolkit = example

    In this example, the configuration for the virtual host www.domain.com uses the URL rewrite rule 'example'. After the declaration of the id, the rule 'images' is called. The rule 'images' returns when the URL starts with "/pics/". If this is not the case, ".jpeg" at the end of the URL will be replaced with ".jpg". The rule 'example' continues with replacing "a" with "b" in the URL. This is done for maximum 3 times. For example, "/aaaaa.html" will be rewritten to "/bbbaa.html". The rule ends with replacing "/index.php3" with "/index.php". The text after "/index.php3" is copied to the new URL. For example "/index.php3?page=start" will be rewritten to "/index.php?page=start".

    The complete syntax of the URL toolkit in Hiawatha is:

    UrlToolkit {
    Call <toolkit_id>
    Match <url> Call <toolkit_id>
    Match <url> DenyAccess
    Match <url> Exit
    Match <url> FastCGI <fcgi_id>
    Match <url> Goto <toolkit_id>
    Match <url> Redirect <url>
    Match <url> Return
    Match <url> Rewrite <replace> [<max_loop>] [Continue|Return]
    Match <url> Skip <number>
    RequestURI exists|isfile|isdir Return|Exit
    ToolkitID = <toolkit_id>
    Skip <number>

    Explanation of the commands:

    * Call: execute another rule and proceed with the current rule afterwards.
    * DenyAccess: denies access to the requested file (results in a 403 error) and terminate toolkit processing.
    * Exit: stop URL rewriting.
    * FastCGI: use FastCGI server with id <fcgi_id> and terminate toolkit processing.
    * Goto: execute another rule and stop afterwards.
    * Match: perform the following action if <url> matches the requested URL.
    * Redirect: redirect the browser to <url> via a 301 and terminate toolkit processing.
    * RequestURI: check if the requested URL is a file or a directory.
    * Rewrite: rewrite the current URL for maximum <max_loop> times (default=1) and terminate toolkit processing.
    * ToolkitID: assign a label to the current rule set.
    * Return: return from the current rewrite rule.
    * Skip: skip the following <number> of lines (ToolkitID excluded).

    After a rewrite, always be sure your new URL starts with a slash (/). If it doesn't, Hiawatha will consider it an invalid URL. Test your URL rewriting rules with the tool 'wigwam'. See the wigwam manualpage for information about its usage.

    appreciate any pointers for how to write the config for hiawatha...



  • phild
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    Re: Installation for Hiawatha web-server Link to this post

    Replying to myself in case anyone else wants to use this brilliant web-server.

    I got some help from the author Hugo Leisink see this link to the discussion on the
    Hiawatha forum:

    The guts are you need to have a re-write rule called a URLToolkit in Hiawatha that looks like:

    UrlToolkit {
    ToolkitID = silverstripe
    RequestURI isfile Return
    Match (.*)\?(.*) Rewrite $1&$2 Continue
    Match ^/(.*) Rewrite /sapphire/main.php?url=$1

    VirtualHost {
    Hostname = silverstripe-hostname
    WebsiteRoot = /path/to/silverstripe
    ExecuteCGI = yes
    UseToolkit = silverstripe
    TriggerOnCGIstatus = no

    The virtual host - hostname should resolve to the hostname you enter for "silverstripe-hostname". Also, you should not have two VirtualHost sections that point to the same hostname - only the first section is processed.

    Note that the UrlToolkit changed its name and these instructions apply to Hiawatha 6.10 onwards

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