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  • PeteF
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    Drop-down menus for SS Link to this post

    Hi guys

    I was just wondering, I've just found SS today. It looks like an incredibly powerful system which I would like to start specialising in using/deploying.

    I've looked through some of the demo sites that are online and I can't find anyone that had implemented a drop-down menu for their main menu. I was wondering if anyone has managed to get a menu like this implemented successfully. I'm guessing if I can find a drop-down menu that is based upon using a UL structure in order to build the various tabs, it could be easily implemented.

    Does anyone have any idea of how this could be achieved and has anyone got any examples of a successful implementation?

    Pete Fernando

  • Liam
    Community Member
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    Re: Drop-down menus for SS Link to this post

    Yes it is possible.

    Here is my code that is a very basic 1 level drop down. You can customize it all you want to add more levels. I personally use son of suckerfish for the css/javascript, though the below is a basic html list.

    <ul id="nav">
    <% control Menu(1) %>
    <% if Children %>
       <li id="nav-$URLSegment"><div><a href="$Link" title="Go to the $Title.XML page">$MenuTitle</a></div>
    <% control Children %>
       <li><a href="$Link" title="Go to the $Title.XML page">$MenuTitle</a></li>
    <% end_control %>
    <% else %>
       <li id="nav-$URLSegment"><div><a href="$Link" title="Go to the $Title.XML page">$MenuTitle</a></div></li>
    <% end_if %>
    <% end_control %>

  • Nivanka
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    Re: Drop-down menus for SS Link to this post

    if you need any examples, check the template I did for SilverStripe


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