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  • maikmuellers
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    nested ComplexTableFields Link to this post

    Hi there,

    I'm working on a web-project managing the people of my soccer-club. This is my setup:

    I use a page "club" as base.

    I've got a dataobject-table "player" (where I can enter position, goals...) and a dataobject-table "officials" (where I can enter his function, statement...)
    Each of these people (players and officials) has additional personell informations like birthdate, name, adress... so I could put them direct into the dataobjects. But the point is, that a player could also be an official and I don't want to duplicate the personell informations. Therefore I introduced a new dataobject-table "person" where I enter all relevant information about the person.

    Now I need to connect player with person and official with person. I thought I put two HasManyComplexTableFields into the "club"-page to define the players and officials, and within the popups I use another HasOneComplexTableField to define a person. This is what I mean with nested ComplexTableField.

    But as you can guess, that doesn't work:
    "FATAL ERROR: singleton() Called without a class At line 84 in E:\root\fce\sapphire\core\Core.php"

    Any suggestions or other ideas?
    Thanks for your help

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