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  • Decisive Flow
    Community Member
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    $blocks not updating Link to this post

    I created new text fields for people to add content into. These worked really well, but all of a sudden, they wont update... The text we have already entered is stil there, but if I make updates they dont get saved.

    The weirdest thing is I created them in homepage.php, which was then built on by aboutus.php, hen blogholder.php - and in the blogholder, one of the blocks still updates the content,

    I havent changed any of this, so am unsure as to why it broke!

    all main content seems to be updated fine

    - also newly uploaded images dont show up in the editor - when i click 'insert image' they dont appear to be there, but when i go to 'files', they are...

  • Simon
    Core Development Team
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    Re: $blocks not updating Link to this post

    The sub-classing system is to be working fine, so could you double check?

    Perhaps its not a problem, but related to the differences between draft and live versions of the site ?

    You can publish all the pages in your site in one hit by visiting


    Edit: This was resolved due to a problem with architecture and not SilverStripe

  • ff
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    Re: $blocks not updating Link to this post

    How was this resolved? I think I have a similar problem and was wondering how to avoid this problem?

    I have a page ArticleHolder with sub pages StaffHolder that has sub pages StaffPage The images on the deepest StaffPage does not show up on site.

    The outline with correct width and height displays in CMS but no image. On live site only the alt text appears.

    I would imagine it's the architecture, but I need the pages to be those page types.

  • Sean
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: $blocks not updating Link to this post

    How are your classes organised?

    Usually, in SilverStripe you create 'ArticleHolder' which is a class which extends Page.

    Then, you create 'ArticlePage' which is another class which extends Page (note it does not extend ArticleHolder!).

    The reason for this is because the ArticleHolder has no relationship with an ArticlePage in terms of code inheritance. It doesn't need to, the ArticleHolder's role is to simply create children pages of a ArticlePage, and display them.

    Hope this helps!


  • ff
    2 Posts

    Re: $blocks not updating Link to this post

    This is the first time I use Silverstripe to build/design a site.

    I followed the tutorials from one to four. So I imagine the classes are organized in the way it was organized in the tutorial files.

    I am by no means very experienced in PHP yet, but I found the tutorials and instructions very simple, easy to understand and straight forward.

    I had very little trouble styling the site and found the CMS very user friendly and easy which was great.

    Now however it seems a bit trickier, so I’m going to see if I understand what you say above correctly;

    If my classes are organized correctly, my structure should work and the images display even if I use an ArticleHolder to list pages (of StaffHolder behaviour) like it would list articles?

    Once you click through to the StaffHolder Page it lists children pages (StaffPages) with a thumbnail and 1st paragraph. So to explain the structure, the breadcrumb could be for example: Home » RegionName » Industry(Design) » Print » Designer.

    Currently the thumbnails in StaffHolder (Print) doesn’t show and only sometimes in the content and only one image (through image tab), no additional can be inserted via CMS ‘insert image’ button in toolbar.

    I thought this is because I use StaffHolder as a sub page (child) inside an ArticleHolder. However I don’t want to have that level list with thumbnails but rather like articles gets listed in ArticleHolder.

    I apologize upfront for such a lengthy post but I’m not that familiar with PHP yet.

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