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  • S0crates9
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    Adding SubDirectories Link to this post

    How does one add sub-directories? All of my CMS entries are at top level, even though they are hierarchical in the admin back-end display?

    For example: mysite.com/articles would have pages like mysite.com/articles/article1 etc...

    On a similar note (more for education), what dicates visually or otherwise a level or a menu(1) Vs. Menu(2) declaration? It seems I can never get any calls like those to work - usually only by controlling children of Menu(1)....

  • Liam
    Community Member
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    Re: Adding SubDirectories Link to this post

    Nested URLs don't work at the moment. This question gets asked a lot and if you search the forum you'll see other topics on it.

    It is coming though, probably in version 2.4 which will be a ways off. There is also a development branch of it in subversion which is still very beta.

    As for Menu(1), Menu(2) etc, they only work in the top level so you can't use them for nested menus. That's why you use control children instead.

  • Willr
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: Adding SubDirectories Link to this post

    hierarchical urls will be a very welcome feature of 2.4!. The work done by ajshort is actually pretty stable at the moment and we are actually using it on a few client projects internally to just put it through its paces before we merge it back into trunk which might be a wee bit off.

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