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  • zmeuka
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    i18n and non-Latin: cyrillic hacks Link to this post

    Now I'm working on some cyrillic site (bilingual, Russian and Ukrainian only). There is some issues about non-Latin characters in page titles:

    1. sapphire/javascript/UpdateURL.js - default javascript is valid only for Latin characters; on cyrillic it "suggests" bare blank URL segments or series of "-". Common solution will be enabling Unicode URL segments like this: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Милан, but for certain language/alphabet it can be hacked with transliteration.

    Here's my patched sapphire/javascript/UpdateURL.js for Cyrillic:

    var cyrChars = new Array('А','Б','В','Г','Д','Е','Ё','Ж','З','И','Й','К','Л','М','Н','О','П','Р','С','Т','У','Ф','Х','Ч','Ц','Ш','Щ','Э','Ю','Я','Ы','Ъ','Ь',
    var transChars = new Array('A','B','V','G','D','E','Jo','Zh','Z','I','J','K','L','M','N','O','P','R','S','T','U','F','H','Ch','C','Sh','Csh','E','Ju','Ja','Y','\`','\'',

    function translitCyrillic(from){
       var to = "";
       var len = from.length;
       var character, isCyr;
       for(i=0; i < len; i++){
          character = from.charAt(i,1);
          isCyr = false;
          for(j=0; j < cyrChars.length; j++){
             if(character == cyrChars[j]){
                isCyr = true;
          to += (isCyr) ? transChars[j] : character;
       return to;

    /* some lines skipped - inserting translitCyrillic call here: */

    var newSuggestion = urlSegmentField.suggestNewValue( translitCyrillic(this.value.toLowerCase()) );

    /* ... */

    2. sapphire/core/model/SiteTree.php - I have moved URL Segment input/fieldset from "meta" tab to "main". I have to set or check URL for almost every page, fixing very long auto-suggested URLs and so on.

    3. sapphire/core/control/ContentController.php - small addition to render multi-language controls in templates without widgets. Really I don't need complex logic here, so I just wrote a method:

    * Returns just current language code - for multilanguage switching etc
    function CurrentLang() {
    return Translatable::current_lang();

    And now my language switching code in template is really dumb'n'simple:

    <% if CurrentLang == ru %>
    <span class="i18n-link"><a href="$Link?lang=ru" class="active">RU</a></span>
    <span class="i18n-link"><a href="$Link?lang=uk">UK</a></span>
    <% end_if %>
    <% if CurrentLang == uk %>
    <span class="i18n-link"><a href="$Link?lang=ru">RU</a></span>
    <span class="i18n-link"><a href="$Link?lang=uk" class="active">UK</a></span>
    <% end_if %>

    And this is only beginning...

  • Aster
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    Re: i18n and non-Latin: cyrillic hacks Link to this post


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