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  • thejackel
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    Server speed issue Link to this post


    a question on speed issues between 2 servers.

    we've developed a site and have 2 versions of the site, one demo and one live.

    The live site is here:


    The demo site is here:


    The two sites are using the same database content/functions etc with the only difference being between the servers they're running on.

    The live site has some speed issues, it sometimes takes over 10 seconds to load up?!

    The demo site loads up much quicker.

    I've tried using the debug profiler on each site to determine what may be wrong.



    Not sure exactly what these results mean?

    Could anyone shed any light on:

    a) What the debug profile results mean

    b) Why the live site is running slower than the demo one

    Thanks in advance to any responses

  • jam13
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    Re: Server speed issue Link to this post

    I've not really used the profiler, maybe I should - it looks useful

    There don't appear to be any particular areas that are standing out, but _everything_ on the live site seems to be an order of magnitude slower than your dev site. Have you got some specs on the two different hosting environments? PHP stats, database, server spec/load etc.

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