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  • François
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    There has been an error Link to this post


    I installed SS (2.3.0-rc1) on my client server (ubuntu 8.04, apache 2, php 5.2.4, mysql 5.0.51) and immediately after login to the CMS (<web site>/admin/) the site gives me the following error:

    Website Error
    There has been an error

    The website server has not been able to respond to your request.

    Very informative message! Thanks SS!

    There is nothing in apache's error log.

    I rebuilded the db (/db/build?flush=1), cleared the cache (in /tmp/silverstripe...) several times with no change.

    I checked the permissions, apache user has access everywhere.

    The site is working well on my PC (kubuntu with same apache/mysql/php versions as my client's server).

    Any idea?

    Is it possible to get a more detailled error message?

    PS: I installed the rc1 version to show it to my client. Of course, we'll go in production with the 2.3 stable version when it is released.


    If I put my client's domain in the set_dev_server array (in _config.php), I can access the CMS. Of course I would like to avoid that.

    Q: What can trigger a fatal error in prod mod and not in dev mode?

  • simon_w
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    Re: There has been an error Link to this post

    Can you try with 2.3.0rc2? (http://www.silverstripe.com/assets/rc/silverstripe-v2.3.0-rc2.tar.gz)

    and if the problem still persists, open a ticket on open.silverstripe.com.

  • François
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    Re: There has been an error Link to this post

    No better with rc2

    However, problem is different. Now, after the login form I'm stuck with a "Loading...." message. And nothing happens.

    Going mad... never be so frustrated with a CMS...

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