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  • andyf
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    Relational Database Tutorial Link to this post

    Hi, wondering if anyone else has had trouble with the 5th tutorial.

    I've tried this a few times from the beginning and each time get stuck around the adding students stage - it doesn't add all the students to the database, just some of them, and those might turn up a few minutes after I've added them, while others never turn up.

    Any ideas to combat this truancy?

    I'm really liking Silverstripe, and the first four tutorials have given me a good idea of the basics, but I'm hitting a wall here.

    A couple of other points about the 5th tutorial:
    The next tutorial link on the 4th tutorial goes straight to the 6th, about site maps (and there's no other inter-tutorial navigation).
    Tutorials 5 and 6 are done with the Blackcandy theme, after the first four are with the other theme and 6 is done from the mysite directory instead of the tutorial directory. Is this obvious how to change directories?
    One other very minor point, (but which did confuse me for a while) in Tutorial 5 the <?php ... ?> are missing.
    The 'Please use comments' at the bottom, where are they? - maybe there could be a forum just for the tutorials?

    But otherwise, good job.

    ***Edit: Just found the comments - I had Javascript turned off***

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