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  • silvan
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    PageType mapping lost, ClassName-Values in SiteTree empty Link to this post


    I am working with SilverStripe with great enthusiasm, thanks to not just the great software and the ease of adopting and extending ist, but the well-done documentation, which allows, that you are online with your first project in just two days.

    Bute yesterday I experienced a very mysterious behavior: I made some changes in the page-type-definitons, and made a mistake, so a function did not deliver the correct return data (news-messages).

    After that, the whole site was not available anymore, though I switched back to a backup on this page-type-definitons. I got just error500-pages for the whole site.

    After some research in the forums and docs, I found the way for activating the dev-mode, which told me

    Method setURLParams not found in class SiteTree

    Ok, this was a beginning ;-) Some hours later I understood much more of the SilverStripe-Code, but did not found the problem... After not finding the problem in the files, I took a mySQL-Dump of all data, and found the following:

    All pagetype mappings in the SiteTree-Table were lost, all the ClassName-values were just empty - so of course: no page name, no methods.

    After setting these pagetypes for about 150 pages manually back to their values, and after publishing the whole site again, everything I checked worked fine again.

    The import question for me at this point is: How can this happen, and how can I avoid, that once again all pagetype-mappings get lost? Is this an issue in SilverStripe itself, or just a single but very improbable incidence?

    Thank you for any opinions about this case!

  • silvan
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    Re: PageType mapping lost, ClassName-Values in SiteTree empty Link to this post

    addendum: While posting this topic, I got the following error with the forum

    Fatal error: Call to a member function setField() on a non-object in /sites/ssopen/www/forum/code/Forum.php on line 647

    After removing the full error message out of my posting body, the post was processed. Is this a bug in the forum (content-filtering...)?

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