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  • Jarek
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    JOIN and number of records (MoreThanOnePage and others) Link to this post


    I'm using JOIN to get articles commented by user. Query works ok, but the number of result records is wrong. Predefined variables (NewsArticles.Pages, MoreThanOnePage and others) have wrong values (to big).
    This is my query:

    $doSet = DataObject::get(
    $callerClass = "ArticlePage",
    $filter = "`SiteTree`.ParentID = '".$this->ID."' AND `Name` = '".PssMember::currentUser()->Login."'",
    $sort = "`SiteTree`.Created DESC",
    $join = " JOIN `PageComment` ON `ArticlePage`.ID = `PageComment`.ParentID",
    $limit = "{$SQL_start},2"

    How can I get correct number of records? When use JOINs I have to manulay set this variables?

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