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  • cheekygeek
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    Form radio button labels are on next line? Link to this post

    Greetings all,
    New to SilverStripe and really impressed.

    I'm not sure if this is an issue specific to the template I'm using or to SilverStripe itself...
    (I'm using the Higherground theme - if it matters).

    When I create a radio button question the radio button label is on the line FOLLOWING the radio button, when I'd like it on the same line. How to I control that?

    An example of what I'm seeing (screenshot):

    The HTML being produced looks like this:

    <div id="EditableRadioField24" class="field optionset ">
    <label class="left" for="Form_Form_EditableRadioField24">Are you currently selling wind turbine systems?</label>
    <span class="middleColumn">
    <ul id="Form_Form_EditableRadioField24" class="optionset ">
    <li class="odd valYes">
    <input id="Form_Form_EditableRadioField24_Yes" name="EditableRadioField24" type="radio" value="Yes" >
    <label for="Form_Form_EditableRadioField24_Yes">Yes</label>
    <li class="even valNo">
    <input id="Form_Form_EditableRadioField24_No" name="EditableRadioField24" type="radio" value="No" checked="checked" >
    <label for="Form_Form_EditableRadioField24_No">No</label>

    TIA for any info on how to make this change.

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