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  • snichme
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    Datarelations Member - Event Link to this post

    I've a problem with datarelations.

    On my page I've some Events that each Member can sing up to. The problem is that the member has to be able to choose what to drink and eat for each Event. I've tried to solve it using an extra dataobject called Participant like this

    many_many: Participant

    Has_many: EventPage
    Has_one: Member

    has_one: Participant

    Each member can sing up to the event through a form on the event-page.
    The problem is that I dont know how to save the information in the correct way.

    File: EventPage

    $p = new Participant();
    if(isset($data['toDrink'])) {
       $p->Drink = $data['toDrink'];
    if(isset($data['Vegetarian'])) {
       $p->Vegetarian = $data['Vegetarian'];
    $p->Member = Member::CurrentUser();
    $e = $p->Events();
    $existingParticipants = $this->Participants();

    The fields
    - Member.ParticipantID
    - Participant.MemberID
    and the table
    - Participant_Events

    is still empty after the member has signup => The member doesnt get signed up..

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