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  • qhoxie
    Google Summer of Code Hacker
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    SilverStripe Reporting Screenshots Link to this post

    The statistics and reporting aspect of the cms is coming along quite nicely. At present, it is extremely simple to generate a statistics page for any type of data in the system. This can then be viewed in a variety of ways.
    Perhaps the most interesting feature thus far is generating trends. The trends are generally viewed as line or area charts that represent how a certain aspect of the site is changing over a period of time. There are different scopes available for this type of view. Currently available are yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly. You can view how things like new users change over these amounts of time.
    It is also possible to compare trends between different aspects of the site. For instance, you can view how your hits correlate to you creating content, or how user registration correlates to different versions of pages.
    For each chart, there is the option to display the tabular data as well. If selected, the data will be parsed into a table that can be sorted and paged on the fly.

    Styling of the charts is very simple, as it just requires adding attributes like color to a function call. The type of chart can also be specified, along with line thickness and style, orientation, etc. The supported chart types are line/area, bar, and pie.
    In the near future, I plan to add the ability to style the tabular data as well to match the charts.

    Please give any input you see fit.

    Note that there is a good bit of polish to be added to the frontend aspects of the reporting system, but feel free to call me out on it
    Without further ado...

    **Almost forgot: big thanks for Elijah for giving me some test data from his website! 2 days trend charts would be boring

  • Tim
    Core Development Team
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    Re: SilverStripe Reporting Screenshots Link to this post

    Hey this is looking great

  • Sigurd
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    Re: SilverStripe Reporting Screenshots Link to this post

    Great work Quin, I'll mention this on the homepage shortly... as you can see I'm putting up items each day

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