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  • elijahlofgren
    Google Summer of Code Hacker
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    Re: Edit Link to this post

    Edit: The post I was replying to somehow disappeared. I think there is a bug somewhere....
    Edit 2: No worries. Opening up SVN is on To Do list, so I guess we just need to be patient.

    Another great benefit of having a publicly accessible SVN is we could enable CIA notifications in #silverstripe.

    Quoting What is CIA?

    "Do you collaborate with other developers over Internet Relay Chat? How often do you find yourself wondering what the other developers are doing right now? How many people in your project need to know immediately when new code is available to test or critique?

    CIA can send an IRC bot to your channel to instantly report the progress made by you and your peers"

    Quoting: CIA: Producing OSS -> Chapter 3. Technical Infrastructure -> CIA: Another Change Publication Mechanism

    "The most popular use of CIA is to send commit notifications to IRC channels, so that people logged into those channels see the commits happening in real time. Though of somewhat less technical utility than commit emails, since observers might or might not be around when a commit notice pops up in IRC, this technique is of immense social utility. People get the sense of being part of something alive and active, and feel that they can see progress being made right before their eyes."

    I've worked on a project that had SVN commit notices in the IRC channel. It really gave me extra motivation and cool sense of being able to see what others are working on.

    It would also give SilverStripe some more publicity. ;)

    Looking forward to the days ahead,

    Elijah Lofgren

  • Edit Link to this post

    Reposting in new thread. See below.

  • Re: Edit Link to this post

    Um looks like something screwy happened here with two posts into one topic. They are quite clearly different too...

    I will move my other post into a new thread.

  • Sigurd
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: Edit Link to this post

    Elijah, CIA sounds interesting. SilverStripe is open source under the BSD license so our current lack of SVN access is purely a reflection on spending time on other activities (such as building up the product, building websites using SilverStripe, and mentoring the Google Summer of Code students). It was dead easy for us to produce the dailybuilds without accidently opening up unwanted parts of the source tree, so we did that some time ago. We're aiming for SVN readonly access this month. A large part comes down to the difficulty of permission/security in trac/SVN.

  • elijahlofgren
    Google Summer of Code Hacker
    222 Posts

    Re: Edit Link to this post

    Yeah, time is indeed a limited resource.

    Thanks for all you do in replying to posts like these. I really appreciate it.

    Thanks for the status update.



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