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    Tiny_mce customizing the table - question Link to this post

    I am reading the documentation on tiny_mce and I
    should be able to customize the table setting so I can set the
    table, row, and cell class. Currently there is only mceContentBody.

    I believe I should be adding to the tinyMCE_init() function.
    table_styles : "Price List=pricetable",
    table_row_styles : "Title=titlehead;Odd=trOdd;Even=trEven",
    table_cell_styles : "Name=namethl; Date=datethr; Var1=tdvar1; Var2=tdvar2; Var3=tdvar3; Var4=tdvar4",

    Doing a grep for "tinyMCE_init" I can only find it in "jsparty/tiny_mce/tiny_init.js" under
    a function sapphire_tinymce_init().
    There are 2 versions of tinyMCE_init() there but by looking at the buttons lines
    they do not correspond to the actual buttons (the order in the first and the buttons themselves in the second) and when I add the table styles, the styles never show up in the drop downs/poups.

    Is there another place that I should be making these changes? and if so where?
    If this is the correct place, why are there two tinyMCE_init()?

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