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  • BeefStake
    23 Posts

    Theme Engine GUI Link to this post

    For all the n00bs out there ( <-- BeefStake xD )
    I think that a GUI for editing layouts and themes would me a welcome addition to SilverStripe's already already impressive arsenal.
    I also realize how ever how difficult this would be to implement / code....
    All I can say is cheers and 1000yrs of praise to whoever manages to code something like that.

  • laktek
    Google Summer of Code Hacker
    76 Posts

    Re: Theme Engine GUI Link to this post

    I guess it's the job of all community designers out there to come up with custom themes where average users would use. And hacking a theme would only require some CSS knowledge and designing sense. So it's relatively easy process.

    Read these two wiki articles to get some understanding how to handle themes :

  • BeefStake
    23 Posts

    Re: Theme Engine GUI Link to this post

    It was not the realitive ease of designing that i was referring to..
    The average qualified web designer is more than capable of designing a theme in CSS
    I myself have only rudimentary knowledge of CSS and was able to modify the BlackCandy sufficiently for my needs, however I had several problems trying to modify the default template (more due to the inadequacies of my knowledge then it actually being hard) I think if there some tool to ease the pain of changing positions of theme elements and scaling.. so on and so forth...
    that it would make this a more attractive choice for novice designers like myself.

  • Sam
    679 Posts

    Re: Theme Engine GUI Link to this post

    Perhaps using something like Dreamweaver to edit your .SS file would provide what you're looking for, BeekStake? There are a number of different WYSIWYG design tools, and I see no reason to re-invent the wheel.

    Has anyone had much experience using WYSIWYG design tools to develop their SilverStripe templates? How well does it work? What kind of problems have you run into?

  • terssi
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    Re: Theme Engine GUI Link to this post

    How about making SilverStripe "compatible" with W3C's Amaya editor?


    Just an idea...

  • eddie
    2 Posts

    Re: Theme Engine GUI Link to this post

    Theming isnt that hard actually. You can just search for ready made theme and put in the required details.

    Imagine if you decided to give your client SS as a solution. Wouldn't it be a nightmare if they want to change the themes themselves? We're looking at an illiterate HTML user.

    Mambo/Joomla was like this before. Keep up the good work.

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