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  • Markus
    Google Summer of Code Hacker
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    Re: Page security Link to this post

    > The option to inherit page permissions is evaluated each time that the page is
    > accessed, not just when it is created.

    > When set to 'inherit', the page should instead evaluate the permissions of the current user
    > against the settings of the parent page. You can always change this setting for child pages.

    OK, this is an option.. but then we need to extend the interface so that we can set a permission also to inherit. So we have tree states: Enable, disable, inherit.

    If we implement that behavior, we need to extend the Permission system because at the moment there is no way to deny a permission. I will add a field "type" to the Permission class which can have three values: -1 (deny), 0 (inherit), 1 (allow).
    "Inherit" is not really needed, but I think it's a good thing to support it explicitly.

    What about the other question?

    My next question is about how the permissions should work. I’ll create the permission “Edit page” and in the security tab you can then assign this right to the various groups. So what happens now on the access tab of a specific page? Let’s assume group A has the “Edit page” permission and group B not.

    Is A now allowed to edit all pages or just pages where I defined the Edit page permission with that specific page ID? Should it be possible to grant B the right to one specific page without the “global edit page” permission?

    GSoC finishes on Monday (pencils down) so please tell me exactly on what you are working and on what I should work next. Currently I'm extending the Permission system to allow "deny permissions".

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