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  • Sneddo
    16 Posts

    Re: New SilverStripe CMS concepts Link to this post

    I think this looks great.

    I love the idea of blending silverstripe in with office 2007 design.

    I also think the save buttons are fine at the top of the page, I believe most people using this system will not be used to webs app designs, they will see the office 2007 look and then expect all the actions to be at the top of the page.

    great works guys



  • Colin
    Community Member
    15 Posts

    Re: New SilverStripe CMS concepts Link to this post

    Willr: The new interface is looking great. For those of us in the Mac world, please make sure that the fallback font for Calibri looks equally good in the design. I believe that you are wrong about Calibri being pushed in a standard update. I think it is only available from Vista or by installing Office 2007 or the Microsoft Office Compatibility pack. I love the font, but I want to make sure my customers, using the interface to maintain content, see something as shiny as I do.

  • Willr
    Forum Moderator
    5511 Posts

    Re: New SilverStripe CMS concepts Link to this post

    as a growing number in the office use macs in the office you bet that we will be making sure it looks fine! The reasoning behind using Calibri was to stick with the MS Office 2007 feel

  • Sigurd
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: New SilverStripe CMS concepts Link to this post

    Wow, this thread is pretty hard core, but before I invest time in look through all the screenshots of the future, I just wanted to thank Elijah for the improvements to the page manipulation (e.g. search, batch actions)

  • DesignCity
    38 Posts

    Re: New SilverStripe CMS concepts Link to this post

    This is just fantastic. That would be the most user friendly and coolest-looking admin interface i've ever seen in a CMS. Just fantastic.

    So when can I use it?!? ;)

  • Willr
    Forum Moderator
    5511 Posts

    Re: New SilverStripe CMS concepts Link to this post

    As you can probably see it is going to be quite a task to create that so it won't be available to use for a while yet

  • Markus
    Google Summer of Code Hacker
    152 Posts

    Re: New SilverStripe CMS concepts Link to this post

    Hi guys,

    The new interface gets better and better. Especially integrating the “Files & Images” section into the main screen is a brilliant idea. But I think it is rather confusing on the left side since all file related actions (insert image, upload image…) are on the right side. So we should move that to the right side and maybe add a button to expand the right panel with one click (hide content area and resize right panel to the maximal width).

    That would also solve Ingo’s doubts about working with a lot of files:

    > this solution is heavily tailored to site-authoring with a little file-management,
    > but doesn't work as well for hundreds of files on a bigger site which requires some
    > "asset management".

    I think the new error box area is a step backward, like Ingo said

    > the error-messages can get very long (sql, js-traces, ...) including css-styling, so we
    > need something optimized for size that's easily scrollable. a close-button and a way
    > to stop automatic fading would be a heaven's gift though - the current auto-fade is
    > pretty annoying for longer stuff

    the error messages can get very long. Something like a normal Windows/Mac error dialog would be much better. We can also add a fade-out there.
    Do we really need those green messages? When a page is published we could simple fade the page status from black to green and back. When saving we could use something that is used in a lot of desktop applications: When the content was edited, add an asterisk on the tab (i.e. “Content *”) and after saving the changes, remove that asterisk again.

    I don’t share the opinion that

    > any fancy AJAX stuff should be done close to where the user is looking - aka.
    > close to where they just clicked/interacted with the site. [Matt]

    The user will notice when something changes on the screen regardless of the position.

    Another point where I think we made a step backwards is the top left ribbon area and the buttons in the content area. If you put buttons in the content area, the user might think he has to look through all the tabs because there are possible more buttons. If you put them in the top left ribbon area it is clear, that all the actions are triggered from the ribbon (except actions in the side panels, but that’s something completely different). So I would suggest to roll that changes back to the [url= http://www.silverstripe.com/assets/Attachments/sscmsuimarkusv2.jpg]previous version.

    About the font:
    The user interface font in Vista and Office is Segoe UI, Calibri is Office’s default document font. So we really should use Segoe UI for the user interface.
    For the Mac world we could use a downloadable font:

    @font-face { font-family:”Segoe UI”; src:url(segoe.eot), url(segoe.pfr); }

    I’ve never used that, so I don’t know if (and with which browsers) it works.

  • newton2
    2 Posts

    Re: New SilverStripe CMS concepts Link to this post


    i'm an html coder and would be better off working without the WYSIWYG interface, would it be possible to add a feature in the future to "disable" the WYSIWYG ui? the html source button could have been fine but for some reasons the ui would "reformat" the text again with all the validation and stuff. my apologies for this post if its inappropriate but thanks for hearing me out.

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