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  • Sigurd
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    Windows Installer uses lighttpd, which conflicts with Bonjour (dnssd.dll) Link to this post

    Just a note that for those (presumeably few) people who are running the Mac Print utilty Bonjour will currently be unable to install SilverStripe via the Windows-based Installer.

    In the mean time, the "fix" appears to be to uninstall Bonjour.

    The bug is with httpd/php rather than anything to do with SilverStripe per se.

    This is not a problem if you use the .tar.gz download, having got a webserver running on your computer (nor does it relate to running this on a Mac, as obviously you're not using the Windows installer!)

    The bug will pop up the following Windows error message:

    php-cgi.exe - Unable to Locate Component
    The application has failed to start because dnssd.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

    We expect that this is an edge case (few Windows users will be installing SilverStripe and Bonjour?); but DO reply if this a problem for you so that we can investigate solving it; post your windows, silverstripe and bonjour version numbers...

  • Matt
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    Re: Windows Installer uses lighttpd, which conflicts with Bonjour (dnssd.dll) Link to this post

    Bonjour files are also used by iTunes to do various DNS tasks. Around the office only two machines have had any kind of problem, and they were fixed by uninstalling Bonjour (of course, this prevents iTunes from running - not a satisfactory fix).

    One thing to try would be to stop the Bonjour service from within the Windows services manager (Start -> Run, type in 'services.msc' and click OK). If this lets you use SilverStripe without errors (and iTunes still functions), then it's probably safe to stop the service from running when your computer boots up. (Unfortunately, I can't test this theory right now so don't count on it working straight up).

    As an aside, SilverStripe and the underlying technologies - lighttpd and PHP - will still work fine if you dismiss the popup every time it appears. The page does eventually load, it's just annoying.

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